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Nothing speaks more highly for a university than successful alumni who enthusiastically serve and support it.


Volunteering for the University or with the Alumni Affairs Office is a great way to give back or pay it forward, contributing to future success for B-CU students and programs.


Learn more about the volunteer opportunities available to you and consider joining the hundreds of B-CU alumni who volunteer each year. Every contribution of your time and talent is welcome!

Alumni Admissions Ambassadors

Alumni Admissions Ambassadors play a significant role in helping B-CU recruit future Wildcats. Through referrals, personal interaction, story sharing, and encouragement, alumni can make the difference between a student choosing B-CU or another university or college.

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Career & Professional Development Volunteer

Give back to students and your fellow alumni by joining the B-CUAA.  These volunteers may also occasionally be asked to assist with on-campus or virtual webinars, panels or serve as conference speakers for our current students or alumni community.

Alumni Class Agents

Alumni class agents work with B-CU staff to connect their classmates with each other and with the University. Their efforts strengthen the B-CU community while garnering the financial support B-CU needs to make a difference in student’s lives. If you are or would like to be a class agent, please indicate your interest on the membership form.

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