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B-CU Pre-Alumni Council

UNCF National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC)

The UNCF National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC), the student component of the National Alumni Council, serves as the umbrella organization and governing body for each Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) on UNCF-member college campuses.


The NPAC was founded in 1958 by Dr. Walter Washington, an alumnus of Tougaloo College, who felt that it was imperative for students to understand and learn early their responsibilities as alumni of historically black colleges and universities. The PAC encourages student participation in alumni activities prior to and after graduation.

The PACs exist to stimulate the interest and participation of students enrolled at UNCF-member institutions to preserve and create further loyalty and fellowship between the colleges and universities, their faculty, staff, students and alumni.


PACs also raise money to support UNCF and its mission. All students enrolled at any of the UNCF member institutions may become a member of the Pre-Alumni Council.


B-CU Pre-Alumni Council Membership

All students enrolled at B-CU are encouraged to join the PAC.

 If you are a current student interested in the Pre-Alumni Council, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at

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