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How Professional Groups Work

Professional Alumni Groups (PAG) foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for alumni based on an academic school or college of the university.  The PAG’s are focused on the promotion and development of the academic department rather than the entire university. Some PAG activities include networking, mentoring, philanthropy, and student recruitment. A Professional Alumni Group (PAG) consists of alumni and friends of Bethune-Cookman who have a common interest in a particular academic, professional area that is related to a specific school or college.  Such as the College of Business or the School of Nursing.

A PAG communicates regularly and effectively with alumni and the Office of Alumni Affairs. As part of their objective, PAGs recruit new volunteers and serve as a contact for current students.

Professional Alumni Group Expectations

PAGs are the main point of contact for Bethune-Cookman University Alumni who graduated in a specific academic department. To maintain an active community, we ask that PAGs keep a consistent presence by:

  • Hosting regular meetings with members and at least one social event each year that appeals to a wide variety of alumni.

  • Supporting Bethune-Cookman University and the specific school or college events.

  • Supporting current students in each specific or college department.

  • Providing opportunities to recognize and celebrate the achievements of alumni in each PAG.

  • To identify and recruit new incoming students to your respective academic unit.

Benefits of Joining a PAG

Becoming an active member or leader of a professional alumni group provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Reconnecting with classmates and meeting new Wildcats

  • Building a stronger network of alumni

  • Opportunity to connect with current students

  • Occasions for strategic discussions about your respective College’s successes and challenges

  • Becoming knowledgeable about University and Department news and how to stay engaged

How to Start A Professional Alumni Group

Want to create a B-CU Professional Alumni Group? Here are a few things to consider before partnering with the Office of Alumni Affairs to launch a group.

  • The person interested in starting the PAG will need to reach out to the Office of Alumni Affairs and schedule an interest meeting. Where possible, we recommend having more than one alumnus interested in launching a group.

  • During the interest meeting, the interested alumni leaders and the Office of Alumni Affairs will review the potential professional alumni group to determine if there is an adequate number of alumni to sustain a successful group and what will be expected of them to start and maintain it.

  • If both parties agree, new PAG leaders will work with the Director of Alumni Affairs to write by-laws for the PAG that includes a mission statement, goals for the group, and the leadership structure.

  • The PAG leaders will meet regularly (virtually or in-person) to plan a launch event with the support of the Office of Alumni Affairs and Bethune-Cookman campus partners, if applicable.

  • Before, during, and after the launch, PAG leaders will be responsible for recruiting other alumni volunteers who would like to lead the group. Alumni Affairs staff members may assist in this endeavor by referring interested alumni.

  • After the launch, the leaders will maintain the PAGs presence through regularly scheduled meetings, formal and informal events, and support of the specific school or college.

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