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Engineering A Bright Future: Meet B-CU Alumnus Brent McGlashon

We love it when we can brag about our amazing Alumni! Meet Mr. Brent McGlashon, a 2021 B-CU alumnus who has a passion for engineering and robotics. He recently accepted a position at The Walt Disney Company and we couldn't be more proud of him and his accomplishments. We caught up with Mr. McGlashon, which was no small feat as his career is keeping him bustling, and asked him a question or two:

B-CU: Mr. McGlashon, congrats on your amazing accomplishments! What is your new role going to consist of at The Walt Disney World Company?

Mr. McGlashon: "With Disney, I will be on the development side with the Design and Engineering team as an Engineer. I will be assisting other engineers and developing solutions for field workers to implement on the ride."

B-CU: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Mr. McGlashon: "Out of all my accomplishments, I will have to say, is the one that just came out today. I have developed a tracking system with NASA for the past six months as a project, that has just got approved as a new Technology via NASA. Which NASA will now pursue a Patent for."

B-CU: What made you chose Bethune-Cookman University?

Mr. McGlashon: “I went to B-CU because of the family I have who are alumni, they told me to give it a chance and I did. However Engineering wasn’t my first dream, I was playing football all of my life I played for Cookman in 2017, schedule began to become overwhelming so I changed routes to Engineering and focused on schooling and Cookman has helped me land this opportunity by equipping me with the necessary skills to be an engineer of robots and roller coasters here. My robotics background helped me understand a lot of the mechanics going on here, however this is on a more industrial level, where rides and development must be robust for safety. Few of the teachers I will never forget for believing in me Dr Juan Calderon, Dr Obeng, Dr Wu."

B-CU students are truly changing the landscape and soaring. We're so very proud of Mr. McGlashon, and ALL of our alumni.

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